2 Story Dormitory

There are 36 rooms (18 on top, 18 on bottom) in the dorms with five bunk beds (10 mattresses total) in every room. Bedding is not included.


There are 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and one master suite in the Lodge. Two of the bedrooms have 2 double beds, three of the bedrooms have 1 double bed. Bedding is provided for double beds. The master suite has a queen size bed, attached bathroom, and a side room which includes couch, dinette, and small refrigerator. Bedding and towels are provided for master suite. 

Cedar Cabins

Cedar 1 and Cedar 2 are newly remodeled and feel like home away from home! Both cabins are equipped with wifi, a king size pillow top bed, queen size pull-out couch, dinette, small refrigerator, and a flat screen TV with DVD player. Bedding and towels are also provided.


Seats around 250, can also be used as an indoor gym when the tables and chairs are put away.

Multiple Classrooms

Three classrooms total, great for break-out sessions or smaller groups.


Seats around 360 people, plenty of room on stage for a band, speaker, etc. Chapel includes a sound system for $100.00 a day

Chapel Sound Equipment

·         2 floor monitors

·         Sound board with iPod capability

·         2 wireless microphones

·         4 direct boxes

·         1 SM58 microphone

·         1 SM57 microphone

·         Display VGA projector with 2 screens

·         4 music stands

·         3 microphone stands

·         2 speaker stands

·         DMX LED lighting

·         2 ¼” monitor cables

·         17 XLR cables

·         2 ¼” instrument cables

·         4 aux plugins for monitors on sound board

·         24 channels in snake

·         16 110 volt electrical plugs

·         Effects rack with reverb and echo

*Monitor aux are neutrik (speak on) ends

Fireside Room

Great room to hangout, talk, eat, or to use as a classroom! Also it is connected to the Snack Bar!

Snack Shop


Come on in and grab a drink or some candy! We even grill up burgers, fries, pretzels, funnel cakes, and more!


Outside Deck


Having a group dinner on the deck is always a fun way of ending your retreat with a last hurrah! 


Sweet Shoppe


A great place to be on a hot day to pick up an Italian soda, smoothie, or ice cream! Also we make a fine cup of coffee, anything from lattes to fraps!


Indoor Gym


Awesome for activities such as dodgeball or basketball! Especially if it’s raining outside.


Game Room


For those who love to play games, we dedicated a room especially for you! Play pool, air hockey, ping pong, and so much more!


65+ Acre Field


Wide open spaces for anything from capture the flag, soccer games, or any game you can think of that needs a large playing field!



Camp Cedaredge, 19986 Highway 65, Cedaredge, CO 81413 , 970-856-6343, Fax 970-856-4206, campcedaredge@gmail.com